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Jan 5 -14 Western US - Eastern US Weather Forums
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Jan 5 -14 Western US

Jeff_Johnson's Photo Jeff_Johnson 20 Dec 2011

It's been slow winter for most of the Western Us so far - precip Wise- except for early October's Storm -

Jan 6-9 puts a strong convergent(wet) trough along the West Coast-Intermountain Region with the right exit of the trough pushing well into mid-Canada -

The trough reloads Jan 11-13 with another West Coast storm pushing inland and with trough shifting eastward as well into the West-Mid West and Upper-Mid-West

Short Wave energies will begin shifting westward from the Eastern US and towards the 11-13 will be reinforcing the Long Wave trough energies in the West-Mid West

rainstorm's Photo rainstorm 20 Dec 2011

does this mean a ridge in the east?

Guest_Kilemefef_* 26 Feb 2012

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–ивкер's Photo –ивкер 06 Mar 2012

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